In 'Arches' We are aiming to find new and unexpected applications for a fully recyclable material: plaster. Being widely used for the coatings of walls and ceilings, plaster requires a hidden supporting framework. While it is not known as a strong material, we demonstrate with Arches its unexpected load-bearing properties.

Plaster is a natural material that is infinitely recyclable without losing it’s quality. by combining it with one of the oldest and strongest constructive forms, we are able to use as little material as possible. We guarantee load-bearing qualities by bringing plasterboard into the self-supporting structural form of an arch.

Dimensions and material:

Plaster, Paper
110 / 30 / 35 cm
35/ 30 / 35 cm 

This is a ZwartFrame project made for the ‘Take Away’ exhibition by Dutch Invertuals.
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